I've always had more passion for music than I've had time for.

At 7, I was taking classical piano lessons. I picked up the guitar a few years after that. In high school, I was playing drums in rock bands, and percussion in symphonic bands. In college, I took singing lessons with an opera-trained vocal coach. Eventually, I realized something important:

I'm a composer.
I could spend a lifetime trying to master any one thing, but my passion has always been understanding how they all fit together. To me, music isn't just audio. It plays an important role in what we think and feel.
This is the kind of storyteller I've decided to be.

Since then, I've composed music for games (DistantKing Under the Mountain, Death's Door, Hypernet ArenaPuzzle Raiders) and scored independent films (Superman on the Run). As a member of the Materia Collective, I've published arrangements from popular game franchises (Final Fantasy VII/VIII, Undertale, Sonic CD). And I still write and perform my own songs from time to time. So what's next? 
Let's work together and find out.